Kierra Sheard Talks Rebuking Fear, Spirit of Discouragement

(Photo: BET Networks)Kierra Sheard currently serves as a judge on BET's "Sunday Best."

Kierra Sheard says she has been battling with spirits of doubt, disbelief and discouragement, and now she's revealing how she has learned to rebuke and defeat those things.

Sheard, the 29-year-old gospel music singer and designer of the eleven60 clothing line, created a YouTube video called "Kierra's Konfession" where she revealed how she has managed fear. In her video, the singer revealed that she had been struggling with self doubt and comparing herself to others and called on her mother and friend for help as she fought not to fall into feelings of depression.

"I've just been having the spirit of doubt and disbelief and discouragement coming over me," Sheard revealed. "Like it's almost trying to push me into this corner of depression and I'm not letting it happen."

Sheard said her mother encouraged her to learn to speak to herself, even though the world may see that as a strange tactic. The singer's friend suggested that she change her prayers to ask God how she can use her gifts instead of question the gifts that were given to her.

"If God is infinite and He said that I'm well equipped and He's providing for me everything that I need to be successful then it's very possible that there's a back room that I have not gone into to get the proper equipment for this next season," she said in the video. "So I hope that you are inspired to keep praying but to change your prayers to say 'Lord, I need wisdom I need the instruction and just kick it with God.'"

The singer went on to mention the difference between rebuking and defeating things, as she prepares to overcome some of her trials.

"To rebuke something means that you're correcting it and that's it, but to defeat it means that it will not come anymore. You won the fight," she said. "I think we have a tendency to always rebuke things in the blood of Jesus. But we don't actually fight it off."

Sheard ended her video, speaking out against fear which "offers us suggestions and creates imaginary experiences."

"Fear can distract you from fulfilling your purpose ... the fear that we often rebuke and often don't defeat it actually defeats us and moves us out of our purpose, out of our position," she said. "I hope that it inspires you and challenges you to love on yourself, and to love yourself more than you love fear."

In an interview with The Christian Post last month, Sheard spoke about wanting to be transparent to help others.

"I want to maybe be like that big sister or that sister that someone has never met to say, 'hey, don't go down this road. This road goes left and ends up here," she said. "I'm excited about doing it. However, I do believe in using discretion with what you share. So I hope I do display that with my transparency."