Kyle Williams Death Threats Flood In After 49ers Loss

San Franciso 49er Kyle Williams has received numerous death threats after his fumbles in the game against the New York Giants cost the team a playoff spot. Fans and supporters have taken to Twitter and Facebook in response to offer their support for Williams and his family.

Williams, a wide receiver, fumbled twice in Sunday's game, which some are blaming cost the 49ers a playoff position and the National Football Conference game. He accepted responsibility for his actions, telling reporters, "You just bounce back and move through it. It's one of those things you have to learn from. You have to take full responsibility for it, which I do. It's something I made a mistake on. I'll move through it. I promise you that."

He added, "I take full responsibility for the mistake that I did make. You have to play with what you got."

Fans, though, were not satisfied with his statements and took to Facebook and Twitter to express their outrage. In one rant on Facebook, a user wrote: "Kyle Williams…you need to leave San Francisco forever. You should never be allowed to play in the NFL again… Let's just hope that KW gets hit by a bus, eaten by a lion or dies in some other terrible way so he can't ruin the 49ers' season again."

Other comments were too vulgar to print on The Christian Post but threatened Williams and his family. However, just as many, if not more, people have used the same media platforms to combat the negative comments. Fans, fellow players, and celebrities have all offered their support to Williams.

Holly Robinson Peete, wife of NFL quarter back Rodney Peete, tweeted: "I am hating what social, sports, and mainstream media is doing to Billy Cundiff and Kyle Williams-Geez they feel bad enough…"

Jeremy Ross, wide receiver for the University of California, also tweeted: "Prayers go out to 49ers WR #10 Kyle Williams protection."