Lady Gaga: 'I've Hung Out With Jesus Christ a Few Times'

The unpredictable Lady Gaga came out on Nov. 22 to Barney’s in New York City where Technicolor merchandise of Gaga’s Workshop was being displayed and her video "Marry the Night" would be previewed. She came dressed in a large, white, custom made Chanel gown with cartoonish decorations and embellishments attached.

Leave it to Gaga to say something…odd. However, in an interview with “Women’s Wear Daily,” the mega-star mostly shared her modest plans for the holiday.

“Well, my mom and dad used to leave cookies out for Santa,” she answered when asked about her Christmas traditions. My sister and I would run down the stairs in the morning and Santa would always take a couple bites of the cookie, but he’d leave a little bit. He would drink all of the milk. There would be presents waiting for us.

“My mom would make a quiche and we would hang out all morning and open presents. My grandparents would come over and we would listen to Christmas music and make dinner and watch the snow fall outside. And that was Christmas at my house - very family oriented,” she continued.

She also discussed the tradition of going to Christmas mass. “Christmas mass? Of course,” Lady Gaga said. “Christmas Day…Sometimes Christmas Eve. It depended on the year and what Grandpa was doing. Grandpa always decided when we went to mass. He’s not around anymore. He died two years ago this Christmas. But he always decided when we went to church.”

The conversation took a strange turn when she was asked at what age she stopped believing in Santa Claus. “I still believe in Santa. He’s for sure around. He and the Easter Bunny. I’ve hung out with them and Jesus Christ a few times… They’re just all really good friends. They all do good things for humanity.”

Jesus Christ being mentioned around characters that are highly fictitious seems peculiar. Gaga has a knack for Christian themes or lyrics in her songs-notably, “Judas” and “You and I.”

“Jesus is my virtue/ Judas is the demon I cling to,” from “Judas,” which is actually thronged with symbolism and references the Bible and Christianity.

“There’s only three men that Imma serve my whole life/ It’s my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ,” from “You and I.”

One may wonder-is that necessary? The references to Jesus are not actually edifying to her towards her songs. If you are a Christian, then most would say live as a Christian. But, perhaps fans can do without the ambiguous and disposable comments Lady Gaga occasionally suggests.

As for Thanksgiving, Gaga is thankful to be with her family. She claims she has already received her Christmas wish. “I’m going to be with my family. I had a wonderfully successful year with “Born This Way.”

“We sold 7 million albums so far worldwide; it’s only been out for five months. And I got my first ever custom Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld,” Gaga said.

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