LeToya Luckett Exclusive: Talks Issues With Celebrity, Speaking Acting Career Into Existence

LeToya Luckett
LeToya Luckett is a singer and an actress formerly of "Destiny's Child." |

LeToya Luckett is going to star in three films within the next few months and is gearing up for at least one television show, but the Christian singer and actress insists that she still struggles with being a celebrity.

It's been close to 15 years since Luckett, 33, sang alongside her childhood friends Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson in the hit R&B group Destiny's Child that propelled her fame. After leaving the group in 2000, Luckett hasn't slowed down with two solo albums under her belt and a consistent career as a working actress where she has secured roles in at least nine film projects since her 2010 debut in the film, "Preacher's Kid."

Despite a smooth transition from being a known singer to actress, the real life daughter of a minister insists she struggles with being famous.

"It doesn't get easier when you're trying to work your way up that ladder. It actually sometimes can be more difficult because of people pressure, because of people's opinions,"Luckett told The Christian Post. "Some people try to bring you down instead of lift you up because unfortunately that's kind of the world we live in. A lot of people like to see the bad, because they feel the bad is more entertaining than the good."

Still, Luckett makes sure she is not defining herself by the opinions of others.

"I serve a major God who definitely has the last say on my life. Being an actress and a singer, you get more 'no's' than you get 'yes'," Luckett told CP. "You get more rejection than you do anything else."

In an industry where many veteran actresses have a hard time securing consistent roles, Luckett credits the grace of God and her "great team" for helping her transition from singing to acting, which began with the film "Preacher's Kid" in 2010. While she recently appeared on UP network's "Heavenly Match" and is gearing up to star in "Drumline 2: A New Beat" and "Seasons of Love," before the year ends, roles do not just fall into Luckett's lap.

She continues to delve into her craft by studying with her acting coach, taking classes, reading and watching films. Luckett also makes sure to take her faith with her into each audition.

"I'm still going through those auditions and I always pray before I go in," she told CP. "I leave it in His hands. I say if this role is for me than even I can't go in this room and mess it up, it will be for me. And that's just how I continue to do things."

Luckett believes that her decision to speak things into existence has had an impact on her acting career.

"People go through times where you're not getting roles one after the other and I definitely went through that. I was like can I just please do one film this year," Luckett recalls. "Now we're looking at three coming out in one year, I did speak it into existence. I said last year, 'God I want to do no less than three films next year and I want to be on a t.v. show.'"

Now, Luckett has three films coming out and is gearing up to star in the new HBO show "Ballers" with a possibility of returning to the series "Single Ladies." She advises people to set goals and speak things into existence in their lives.

Luckett has learned to pray and speak things into existence after growing up in church where she got her start singing in a children's choir. There, the singer recalls gaining confidence which later proved useful in the entertainment industry.

"When my choir director saw something in me that I had not yet seen in myself and asked me to come up front and start singing solos, I felt this confidence about myself. I kept it going from there," Luckett recalls to CP. "I wouldn't be who I am if not for God. I think with my experiences when things weren't easy in my life, and they still aren't right now but when storms showed up I was able to get through them."

The entertainer makes sure to share her testimony with young girls and credits her mother, father and grandmother for instilling the power of prayer in her life. These days, Luckett has a strong prayer team that consists of her aunts and best friends.

"We get on the phone every single Monday and we pray for things going on in the world, things going on in our personal life and just the power of prayer," Luckett told CP. "I definitely got that from being raised in a church."

Although Luckett has taken time to pray her way through auditions that have enabled her to work as a consistent actress in film and television, she has not given up on her first love which is music. The singer is working to release a new album in the near future, with new music coming before the end of the year.

Luckett has titled the album "Until Then" and wants to feature a gospel or inspirational track on her upcoming project.

"I'm looking for one for this album, something of inspiration. I was telling my manager there's no reason why this year I've gone to speak to so many girls..there's no way I can come out with another album and not do that through my music," Luckett told CP. "I feel like I've grown so much on this album."

Despite proving her ability to be an accomplished actress and singer, Luckett insists the world has not seen all she has to offer and thanks God for giving her every opportunity.

"If not for God, I don't know where I would be," she told CP. "I feel I haven't seen my best days yet. Every day that God blesses me with the gift of life, I have another opportunity at greatness."

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