Lil Reese Assaults Woman in Viral Video; Viewers Outraged

Lil Reese, 19-year-old Chicago rapper who recently signed a record deal with Def Jam Recordings, has caused some controversy recently after he appeared in a viral video violently beating a young woman.

Reese is signed to controversial 17-year-old gangster rapper Chief Keef's Glory Boys Entertainment that rose to national fame over the summer after rapper Kanye West appeared on their song "I Don't Like."

In the video footage that has gone viral recently, Reese is shown arguing with a young woman who asks him to keep his hands to himself when he pushes her.

After violent words are exchanged between the two and the young woman attempts to push Reese away from her, he repeatedly struck her face and body with punches which lead to her falling to the ground. The rapper then began to stomp on her face with his feet while continuing to strike her with blows, while several people attempted to stomp the altercation.

Various people took to Twitter to react to the videotaped assault at the hands of the young rapper. One person tweeted about Reese's actions being an example of rappers and singers having no respect for women.

"Don't only say Lil Reese and Chris Brown have zero respect for women. None of these rappers do," the person wrote on the social networking website. "Listen to the lyrics you dance to every weekend."

However, others chastised the people who made light of the situation by comparing Reese's assault to a move on the video game Mortal Kombat.

"The amount of people joking about Lil Reese repeatedly punching and stomping a woman is pathetic," the person tweeted. "Sorry, but a man beating up a woman isn't funny."

While Reese did not respond to the backlash that he received on Twitter at press time, reported that the rapper said the video was old.