Saturday, January 07, 2012
Lindsay Lohan Trespasser Is a Friend of Stalker?

Lindsay Lohan Trespasser Is a Friend of Stalker?

A trespasser has been arrested at Lindsay Lohan’s Venice Beach, California home last Sunday. The alleged trespasser started knocking on the door of Lohan’s home and was asked to leave, however, he continued to try to gain entry by shouting through the door.

A panicked Lohan continued to ask him to leave, but when he wouldn’t the actress made a 911 call to the police, who quickly responded and arrested the unwanted man.

According to various reports the man frightened Lohan when he demanded to see Lohan to talk about David Cocordan, who is the man given a restraining order to keep away from Lohan following an incident last year. She became more unsettled when the man started shouting and saying he was not going to leave till he had seen Lohan.

The man has been identified by media sources as 64-year-old Lonnie Short. Short was arrested and will need to post $1,000 to get bail.

The talk about Cocordan seems to be the most unsettling part of the incident for Lohan. Cocordan was accused last year of sending Lohan explicit text messages, leading Lohan to seek a court order to restrain him out of fear of a sexual assault. The actress claimed that he had been following her for four years and had threatened to kill her numerous times.

The latest incident involved Short, who now appears to be a friend of Cocordan. He has claimed he just wanted to explain some things to Lohan about his friend. Police have warned him to stay away from Lohan.


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