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'Little Boy' Exclusive Clip Reveals the Secret to Having Child-Like Faith

'Little Boy' Exclusive Clip Reveals the Secret to Having Child-Like Faith

The official image for 'Little Boy.' | (Photo: Courtesy Daniel Daza)

An exclusive new look at the upcoming film "Little Boy" previews the heartwarming story about the indescribable love a child has for his father just weeks from the premiere.

In theaters everywhere on April 24 through Open Road Films, "Little Boy" follows a little boy named Pepper whose father is drafted during World War II. Willing to do whatever it takes to get his father back home safely, Pepper takes an oath of faith and searches for a miracle.

"How could I get bigger faith?" Pepper fervently asks the pastor in a brand new clip from the film.

"The list, the ancient list," the priest, portrayed by Tom Wilkinson, responds. "For centuries people believed that if you do this list it'll make your faith powerful. This is what you have to do: feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, visit those in prison, clothe the naked…"

"Naked?" Pepper adorably inquires.

"Visit the sick, and bury the dead," Father Oliver continues.

"Little Boy" stars David Henrie, Ali Landry, Kevin James, Eduardo Verastegui and child star Jakob Salvati. Written and directed by Smithsonian Institute Award-winning Alejandro Monteverde, the film highlights themes of faith, hope and love in the face of adversity. Born and raised in Mexico, the director said his success in Hollywood is not nearly as important as his relationship with God.

"Like Mother Teresa said, we are not called to be successful… Success comes later. We are called to have faith in God, that is our success," said the director, who is a head of the non-profit pro-life organization Manto de Guadalupe.

Furthermore, the husband and wife duo Roma Downey and Mark Burnett executive produced "Little Boy" with hopes that the film encourages audiences across the world. The pair are also responsible for the upcoming television mini-series, "A.D. – The Bible Continues."

Watch the exclusive clip from "Little Boy" here.


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