'Mad Men' Season 6 Netflix Release Date Set for April 2014

The Mad Men season 6 Netflix release date should be in April of 2014.

Netflix normally rolls out shows when a new season begins, and if last year is an indicator of this year's plans, the final season of 'Mad Men' will premier in April of next year. The show is likely to follow up AMC's other huge hit 'The Walking Dead, which will premier in Oct., shortly after 'Breaking Bad' ends.

Netflix struck a deal with AMC back when the fourth season of 'Mad Men' was airing to stream the final three seasons that includes the upcoming seventh one. That information derived from a Wall Street Journal Article.

However, at that time the seasons were expected to hit Netflix after their final episodes aired on AMC. That ended up not happening, as Season 5 didn't hit the streaming service until shortly before the latest season began.

The 7th and final season of 'Mad Men' should premier sometime during the Spring of 2014. The show's creator Matthew Weiner promised to give fans a satisfying conclusion to the series that first premiered in 2007.

Season 6 left the show's main character Don Draper in a state where his alcoholism had gotten the best of him.

He had been involved in an altercation with pastor who ended up ticking him off in a bar and his antics got him suspended from his position at Sterling Cooper and Partners. His relationship with his wife also has become turbulent as they became more and more distant during the sixth season.

The season concludes with Don showing his kids the brothel house that he grew up in. He appears to be ready to reveal his mysterious past and upbringing to his children.