Magic Johnson Laughs at Lebron James' Lack of Rings

Magic Johnson, entrepreneur and motivational speaker most known for winning five rings as a former NBA player, was the latest person to put the heat on Lebron James.

James, Miami Heat small forward who has won numerous awards in the league just short of a championship ring, has been under fire since leaving his home state Cleveland Cavaliers for his current star-packed team.

Although many have speculated that James made the move in an attempt to easily acquire a championship and solidify his legacy, the Ohio native is having trouble convincing Johnson that he can be mentioned with the likes of Kobe Bryant.

Johnson recently spoke at the University of Albany about his legacy on and off the court when the conversation shifted to James' inadequacies.

When asked about the most important influential aspect of his career, the former NBA star and HIV advocate had no trouble answering, before speaking about the current league.

"That’s easy, putting people to work in minority communities. There's going to always be great players in basketball," Johnson said, according to ESPN. "There's going to always be guys who win championships in the NBA, except LeBron."

Johnson seemed to be having fun with the exchange, laughing and telling the university audience, "don't be mad" when speaking critically of James. Johnson backed his statement up with a comparison of James and Bryant, Los Angeles Laker guard and five-time NBA champion.

“Everybody’s always asking, 'who is better between Kobe and LeBron? I'm like, Are you kidding me? I'm like you're kidding me,’” Johnson said, according to ESPN. "Kobe, five championships; LeBron, zero."

Although Johnson tried to soften the blow by saying James would "get better in the fourth quarter this year," and that the Heat forward is a "triple-double threat every single game," the quips add to a year full of criticism for the Ohio native.

Although James has yet to respond publicly to Johnson's latest comments, the basketball star re-tweeted a comment about the subject on Twitter.

"Yea, but what if Magic and LeBron went head-to-head in their primes,” SLAMonline questioned on Twitter, receiving a RT from James himself.