'Major Crimes' Season 6: Flynn Seeks Heart-to-Heart Talk With Rusty

Facebook/MajorCrimesTNTRusty approves of Flynn for his mother in the next season of "Major Crimes."

Andy Flynn (Tony Denison) will seek for Rusty's (Graham Patrick Martin) approval in marrying Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) in the upcoming season of "Major Crimes."

Spoilers predict that the Flynn-Raydor wedding will take place in the new installment. Fans of the series are crossing their fingers that the newly promoted commander is finally ready to say yes to her boyfriend. Flynn has made no secret of the fact that he is serious with his relationship with Sharon and he wants to marry her. The commander, however, seemed unsure of her feelings, thinking that after her divorce, she is done with love.

Rusty likes Flynn for his adoptive mother. He knows the regal-looking lieutenant loves Sharon and will marry her the moment she says yes. Flynn also respects Rusty and likes how mature the kid is with his decisions in life. If he is planning a marriage proposal for his girlfriend, he will likely ask for the latter's help.

Meanwhile, Sharon is expected to take more responsibilities in season 6 after the change in her rank.

Assistant Chief of Special Operations Leo Mason (Leonard Roberts) knew she deserved the promotion more than anyone else. Sharon's old captain position is expected to be filled up by Lt. Provenza (G.W. Bailey). A new face will also be added to the Major Crimes lineup. According to reports, a female agent, Detective Camila Paige (Jessica Meraz), will arrive at headquarters, bearing Mason's stamp of approval. She had also worked with Provenza in the Los Angeles police department.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that "House of Cards" actor James Martinez will play a recurring role in the series. According to Deadline, he will portray Ian Nunez, "the sociopathic father of a potential kidnap victim, a man who started a second family without ever informing them he had a son from another marriage."

"Major Crimes" season 6 is rumored to air later this year.