Man Extreme DUI at .328 BAC: Driver Avoided 'Coma' and 'Death,' Arrested

A man's extreme DUI for a .328 blood alcohol level got him arrested and slapped with four separate charges after he was pulled over for speeding. Scott Jarc could have ended up in a coma from all of the alcohol in his system Monday morning.

The man's extreme DUI for his .328 BAC included the initial DUI charge, another DUI for a BAC over .08, another one for over .15 BAC, and a final one for over .20, according to Daily Mail. Police caught up to the Arizona man while he was zooming on County Route 1, Trish Carter, a Mohave County Sherriff's Office spokeswoman, told The Arizona Republic.

After catching the 52-year-old Topock resident red-handed at around 4 a.m., they proceeded to approach his vehicle. While approaching, officers said they smelled the alcohol all over the car.

Jarc, though significantly intoxicated, was smart enough to simply admit that he had been drinking earlier in the night. Authorities administered a sobriety test, then hauled the drunk driver off to jail.

The field sobriety test revealed Jarc's BAC to be .328- four times the legal limit of .08. His story, while a crime, is also miraculous. With that much alcohol in his system, Jarc could have blacked out, been comatose, or even died.

Jarc felt "dazed, confused, or other disoriented," according to, which lists the effects of alcohol after varying levels of consumption. "Blackouts are likely," "all mental, physical, and sensory functions are severely impaired, and the man had "little comprehension of where [he was]," says the site.

Once alcohol consumption goes above .30, the risks are even greater.

"Come is possible. This is the level of surgical anesthesia," reads the site at .35 BAC. "Possible death due to respiratory arrest" is the caption next to .40 BAC and up. Jarc was very lucky.

The man has since been released from jail.