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Marriage Has Gone Retail – And It's All Good!

Marriage Has Gone Retail – And It's All Good!

When we think of our marriages, many things come to mind – longevity of life, happiness, future plans together, children in diapers, families and so on. In a spiritual sense, we rightfully parallel marriage to our walk with the Lord and the relationship between Christ and His Bride, the Church.

But the thought of marriage going retail, well, would throw a little starchy, thick-collared mono-toned frowner off their rocker!

So, like, what kind of retail stores and restaurants? We're glad you asked!

Since we are marriage coaches, authors and speakers, we encourage couples to do everything they can on walking together in life, in goals, visions dreams and aspirations. This way, the future stability of their marriage is safe and secure, being in one mind and one accord. This is shopping at SAFEWAY.

Another practice we express great importance in, is zeroing in on those issues that are prevalent in one's own marriage. We can't judge ourselves by any other couple. In fact, most couples that appear perfect and without blemish, are quite often contrary to that notion and in many cases have more issues and marital woes than others that don't hide their need for direction and encouragement. So, in dealing with marital conflicts, we ask that you begin your shopping spree at TARGET.

Now, with the economy the way it is, it does not help that researchers most often agree that one driving wedge in a relationship that causes many divorces is finances. In a marriage where finances is tight, it really can become a big issue – unless the couple has made effective communication a high priority. We disagree with so-called experts that say "money causes divorce," because it's not the money, it's the hearts and minds of the people. When you make your closeness and communication important, money will not be a volatile issue. It will be just another topic of discussion. But of course, we also encourage you to save more than you can spend so when life happens, you're not left without resource. Saving pennies, nickels and dimes in a savings jar or jug always helps, too! That's one way we saved a little something extra for when we went to Disneyworld. So, couples, try and save by going to THE DOLLAR TREE or JC PENNEY.

We are glad when couples stand for their marriage against those that would try to infringe on, and cause division in their marriage. We say that the protective approach to guarding your home and marriage against negative external influences is definitely going to be your BEST BUY.

There's also little things you can do to ensure your marriage stays fresh and in romance. One thing is to tell your spouse at least 3 times per day that you love them. You can email them, text them, or send them an old fashioned card, perhaps you bought from AMERICAN GREETINGS.

One thing we've learned for sure is that we don't have forever to make our marriage work. We must not wait until it's too late, but get our marriages back on track now. Some people actually continue to shop at FOREVER 21 thinking they actually have forever. No, now is the time to make your marriage what God intended it to be!

We must also make sure that our hobbies and external time does not replace the necessary time it takes to become and maintain closeness. To ensure their partner and marriage takes priority, many couples will need to visit GAME STOP.

While this may seem like an odd topic, it would behoove couples to revisit the practice of personal hygiene just as they did when they were dating! Many couples make the mistake that once they are married, they can now "let it go" and not maintain their personal appearance. "After all," they say, "now I don't have to impress them anymore." Not so! It's time to shop at BATH N' BODY!

Yes, Christian couples can role play! Get wild and crazy and have fun! Since you're married, the "bed is undefiled!" Go ahead! Shop at BED, BATH & BEYOND and practice a little "beyond" to add passion and spice in your love life!

So, whether you're an IHOP fan or DOMINOES, shop at TARGET or MACY'S, you can always find that your marriage has truly gone retail!! And yes, it's still "all good"!

Mike and Trisha Fox are Christian marriage coaches and authors of Marriage For Today: A Practical Guide for Couples. To find out more visit: