Martin Sheen to Play Charlie's Dad on 'Anger Management' Show

Martin Sheen will join his son Charlie for the new FX show "Anger Management." In the new comedy series, Martin Sheen will play Charlie's father, mirroring real life.

Martin Sheen's involvement in the project was revealing by Charlie Sheen, who told Access Hollywood that his character- an ex-ballplayer now functioning as a therapist specializing in anger management- has "issues" with his father, giving viewers perspective as to the main character.

"As the show's developed, we're discovering who my family is as I discuss them," he told Jill Martin of Access Hollywood. "We're going to find out this guy does have major issues with his pop and when that character does finally show up, it will be my dad."

Sheen also gave insight into his character, Charlie Goodson, and how he will play the role of a therapist who struggles with the problem he's paid to fix.

"Charlie Goodson- he is an ex-ballplayer who had his own anger [issues during] his career and so he went back to school to become a therapist," explained the actor. "But he's a guy [that has a] bit of a percolation underneath the surface."

"It's such a multi-dimensional character to play," added Sheen.

This won't be the first time Charlie Sheen has acted alongside his father. On popular long-running sitcom "Two and a Half Men," Martin Sheen played the father of Charlie's stalker and friend, Rose. Martin Sheen also played father to his son in the 1987 movie "Wall Street," which was critically acclaimed.

"Charlie wants to get his house in order," said FX network president John Landgraf in January, referring to the actor's meltdown on "Men" and his feud with Chuck Lorre. "My opinion is that could be a good thing, not just for Charlie, but for society. I believe in redemption … I'm all for giving him the opportunity for turning things around."

That opportunity has already started, as Sheen started filming the first 10 episodes March 22, with potential for another 90 in a distribution clause. "Anger Management," based loosely on the 2003 movie of the same name, premieres June 28.