Martyrs Needed for Christian Jihad

Last month the Congress and Senate spent untold man hours and millions of tax dollars debating the President’s approach to the Iraq war, Iran’s nuclear threat, and global terrorism. Speech after speech contained dramatic political posturing instead of substantive policy recommendations.

At the end of the debate I was left with only one conclusion – a Christian Jihad is the only way to stop the blood-seeking radical, Islamic movement. A revival of bedrock Christianity, such as seen in the book of Acts, is our only hope of stopping the advance of violent anti-west radicals. This Christian response may require the mobilization of Christian missionaries that are willing to risk their lives for the cause of Christ.

Most Americans are only starting to wake up to the fact that modern Islam is planning a sinister plot to take over the world during the next two decades. The term “jihad” is used for their aspirations. It has two meanings to Muslims:

• An individual's striving for spiritual, self-perfection,
• A Muslim holy war or spiritual struggle against infidels.

Fortunately, there is a third meaning to this word. Random House Unabridged Dictionary calls any crusade or struggle a “jihad” – with the idea that this war carries with it great intensity and focus. In some ways, Christians must fight radical Islam with their brand of bold Christianity.

Democratic freedom, personal rights, and the Judeo-Christian system of law are all a part of the gift that Christianity contributes to every society that accepts it. In other words, Christian evangelism and foreign missions must penetrate Islamic or “veiled” nations if lasting, cultural change is going to occur.

A recent London's Daily Telegraph article reported that younger Muslim Britons are becoming more radical in terms of an anti-west mindset. This article made three amazing pronouncements:

• 1 out of 8 young British Muslims admire Al-Qaeda
• 40% want Sharia law in Britain
• 75% want women to wear veils.

If Sharia law reigned in a Muslim "ghetto" within London, grizzly practices of amputations, beheadings, and other unthinkable atrocities would be carried out in the name of justice. Radicals would attempt to take over the nation – one community at a time.

If English Muslims can reject the freedoms of England, how much more might the concept of democracy be rejected as the attractive democratic concept is fleshed out in practical terms.

The average westerner has not fully understood both the violence and the complexity of the Islamic worldview. Politics and faith are inextricably connected in the mind of an Islamic radical. There is no comparison with the conservative Christian involvement in American politics. In Christianity, governments are charged with waging wars, while individuals are called to a lifestyle of personal peace and non-violence. Conversely, many Muslims have taken up the call to personal violence as an act of their faith. Therefore, suicide bombing, rioting, persecution of non-believers, and other atrocities are all part of personal choices that radical Muslims make.

Westerners have not yet come to grips with the idea that many Muslims have not caught the vision of freedom that their nations espouse. Growing numbers of Muslims residing in our homelands do not share our views on women's rights, social justice, or racial tolerance.

So what do we do? How do Christian nations conduct their own jihad? We should draw a line in the sand – defining our unique national cultures, while resisting the encroachment of unbending, imperialistic Muslims.

We need to understand that we are conducting an ideological, spiritual battle. I am not suggesting that Christians arm themselves physically or become suicide bombers.

In the West, we must avoid backing down from the intimidation of radical Islamic groups. Freedom of religion is a major tenet of our nation which should not be violated. On the other hand, we must resist the attempts of one group to dominate the cultural landscape of nations which have given them refuge.

In third world nations, where Islam is just starting to make inroads, we need to send aid and Christian missionaries. The gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached once again without compromise. Large numbers of Muslims are converting to Christianity all over the world (perhaps the greatest conversion rates since the religion’s conception in the 7th century). With their conversion, former Muslims are dropping the notions of physical jihad and violent attack of infidels.

How do we win this fight? We must focus upon elevating the poor. The core of Christianity offers good news to the poor. Most modern mission efforts reflect this value by serving targeted communities with practical solutions to economic, health, or environmental problems. Churches and denominations must coordinate their efforts with the huge aid packages that western nations are giving around the world – thus multiplying our impact.

A revived church God is God’s answer to radical Islam. The question is, “Can we count on you?”


Bishop Harry Jackson is the senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in College Park, Maryland ( He is also chairman of High Impact Leadership Coalition (, the nonprofit organization which drafted the Black Contract with America on Moral Values.

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