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'Mega Maker' Game Features Level Creation; Uses Assets From 'Mega Man' 1-6?

'Mega Maker' Game Features Level Creation; Uses Assets From 'Mega Man' 1-6?

A promotional photo of "Mega Man Legacy Collection 2." | Capcom U.S.A.

"Mega Maker" is currently in the works, and its new trailer shows how the game seems to resemble Nintendo's Super Mario.

According to reports, this new fan game utilizes Capcom assets that it created for "Mega Man 1-6"  and will feature more than a 100 tile sets. Just like "Super Mario," it will also offer a broad range of backgrounds and 12 robot masters that players can choose from.

Another unique feature of the upcoming game is its own chiptune-inspired soundtrack, which was especially made by Cosmic Gem, the game's composer. However, its most distinct feature is that it will allow players to "create and share" their own levels of "Mega Man" or play the ones that other gamers have made.

While "Mega Maker" looks fun, the trailer for the game suggests that it is shaping up to be another game that legal attorneys could shut down before it even launches.

In the game's description, its creators said: "Mega Maker is a new and accessible way to create and share your own Mega Man levels. From full-length Robot Master stages to puzzle levels, anything goes! Upload your levels to share them with the world or play levels created by other users with ease!"

Although the official page of "Mega Maker" claims that "Mega Man" is owned by Capcom and that the project is not affiliated with or endorsed by the game developer in any way, there could be some trouble ahead of them for using assets plucked from the first "Mega Man" games.

A group of game developers - including one who calls himself "WreckingPrograms" and is the project leader - has been working on "Mega Maker" since September 2016. Recently, they revealed that they are now adding bug patches to the game as they prepare for its July 15 launch. Considering its issues with Capcom, however, it remains to be seen if the game will even see the light of the day.


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