Meghan McCain Rednecks Comment: 'We Aren't All Crazy' She Says of 'Extreme Right"

Republican Meghan McCain defended herself and other Republicans in a recent interview noting that not everyone in the Grand Old Party was a "crazy redneck."

Accused of referring to herself as the "voice of young Republicans," Meghan McCain said in a recent interview that she does not pretend to represent any one category in politics. While she refers to herself as a Republican, she supports bipartisan views and says she is a voice for anyone who likes what she has to say.

"I don't espouse myself to be the voice of young Republicans at all," she said in an interview with Politico earlier this week. "I never have and people sometimes want to say I go around saying I'm the voice of young Republicans. That's not true. I'm a voice and if you like that voice, great. And if you don't, fine."

McCain did admit, however, that the Republican Party could be in need of an update and someone with fresher views of the world.

"We're not all crazy rednecks," she said.

She accused the Republicans of being run by people who were "too extreme" to capture the votes of women or minorities.

"I'm just frustrated that nobody seems to be listening to reason. You don't have to listen to me. People within the Republican Party don't have to listen to me. But, at some point, they will have to listen to facts, to trends in this country," she noted. "We're losing young voters, women voters and minority voters. … I just think it's a recipe for failure. … The extreme right wing of the party is still running everything."

But the 28-year-old columnist and blogger who was announced as an MSNBC contributor earlier this year is also aware than many people in the Republican party do not share her view about going forward. Regardless, that does not change her red flag to blue.

"I love the Republican Party and respect and appreciate my role in it, even though I know some people don't appreciate my role in it," she said.