Melissa Jenkins Murder: 2-Year-Old Son Enacted Her Strangulation

The details of the grisly death of Melissa Jenkins have shocked and horrified the nation. But what makes the story even worse is the detail offered by her 2-year-old son Ty.

"At one point the child said that his mommy cried, and he pulled on the back of his neck," court papers stated. 2-year-old Ty was the survivor in a brutal, methodical attack on his mother, Melissa, who was allegedly lured to her death by Allen and Patricia Prue.

The couple told detectives they left their home on Sunday in order to "get a girl." What happened next was nothing but a sinister plan to lure Jenkins from her home; the Prues approached Jenkins at her home, claiming they had had car trouble and needed help.

Jenkins then packed up Ty and drove the couple back to their vehicle.

When she stepped out of the car, Allen attacked Jenkins and began choking her. He then "advised that she stopped moving and he put her in the backseat of his vehicle and left. On the drive back to their house, Patricia Prue choked her in the vehicle again to ensure she wasn't breathing," court documents state.

After Jenkins was dead, the Prues took her body back to their home, undressed it and washed it in bleach to destroy evidence. They then took her to a park, covered her with a tarp, weighted it down and placed the body in a watery grave.

2-year-old Ty was left unharmed in the back of Jenkins' SUV, which a friend later found. She reported Jenkins missing on Sunday evening, and her body was found on Monday. Detectives said that they had found a business card for "Good News Prue Snow Plowing" in Jenkins' vehicle, leading them to suspect the couple.

Allen and Patricia Prue were arraigned on second-degree murder and improper disposal of a body. They face 20 years to life if convicted of the attack.