Michelle Duggar 'Open to More' Kids

Duggars 20th Baby Could Happen, 'If God Saw Fit to Bless Us with More,' Said Mother

Michelle Duggar and her family are "open" to more kids, even though they already have a whopping 19 children.

Michelle Duggar revealed that she would not mind opening the door to more children with her husband Jim Bob on the "Today" show in her first interview since her miscarriage. However, more children, which are considered a "blessing" by the Duggars because of their Christian faith, is contingent on God's plans.

"We would be open to more [children] if God saw fit to bless us with more," the mother of 19 told the hosts of the "Today" show.

The announcement is even more surprising in the face of the Duggars' publicized and saddening miscarriage. The family had a memorial service for the unborn child, named Jubilee Shalom, posthumously.

Despite the "devastating experience," Mrs. Duggar claims she "would do it again," and let God decide whether or not she should be pregnant.

The trailer for the new season of "19 Kids and Counting" was aired on TLC television network, and shows how the Duggars dealt with the loss of their most recent child.

After five months of pregnancy, doctors told the expectant mother that the fetus had no heartbeat, which meant she would have a miscarriage.

The family held a memorial service for daughter Jubilee Shalom in December, which caused considerable controversy. Photos of the tiny baby's fingers and feet were shown during the memorial and then leaked to the press, causing great sensation, with many stating that the family was using the photos for added attention or ratings.

But for the Duggar family, the loss was very personal.

"I feel like my heart broke telling my children," Michelle Duggar told People magazine. "They have all been so excited about this baby and looking forward to April coming around and having a new little one in our arms. That was the most difficult."

Still, Michelle Duggar's Christian faith never wavered, and she remained sure of God's plan.

"The Lord is the giver of life, and He can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him," said the mother of 19.