Miley Cyrus New Hair August 2012: Singer Hides From Photographers - Second Thoughts? (Photos)

Miley Cyrus has been accused of trying to hide herself following her dramatic new haircut.

The 19 year old singer recently cut her hair short to reveal what many are describing as a new platinum blonde pixie cut. The cut was done by Jennifer Aniston's longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan.

Cyrus stunned fans on Aug. 12 when she posted photos of herself with a drastic new style, but just a day later she was seen dining with fiance Liam Hemsworth, and after tried to hide herself from photographers as they attempted to get shots of her new hairstyle.

Numerous media outlets have suggested that her hiding herself means she is having second thoughts about her new hairstyle. However, others pointed out that she has said she is very comfortable with her new hair and that she was simply just avoiding annoying photographers.

"Feeling so happy in my skin," Cyrus tweeted as the photo caption alongside her Twitter picture.

Cyrus' various appearance changes include drastic weight loss in recent months and a new tattoo in recent weeks - her 10th. Those changes in conjunction with a series of new hairstyles have led some to suggest she is having some sort of identity crisis.

The actress, who got engaged to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, 22, in May, was a trending topic on Twitter on Sunday night as fans flocked to the social networking site to express their concern over Cyrus' ever changing appearance.

"Is Miley Cyrus having some teenage mid-life crisis!?" Kirsten Glasscoe tweeted.

"Reckon Miley Cyrus is going through her mid life crisis a few years early," elise healy tweeted.

"Whatever Miley Cyrus has done to her hair, she's obviously in some kind of mental crisis," Erin Aherne tweeted.

This is the third time in less than one month that Cyrus has changed her hair color. In July, Cyrus tweeted photos of newly done blonde highlights which caused a Twitter frenzy, followed by photos of her "Rachel" haircut at the beginning of August.