Ministry Challenges Darwin, Evolution in Film Project

If Darwin knew what we know today, would he still have developed his theories?

That's what Creation Ministries International, a non-profit group of Christian apologetics ministries, is posing in a documentary film project that challenges evolution.

As the world marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species and the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth on Feb. 12, CMI hopes to illustrate how the evolutionary viewpoint is far from the tried and tested science fact that many believe it to be, according to the ministry website.

Production for the Darwin Film Project began in February 2008 but the idea for the project originated years earlier when Dr. Emil Silvestru, a geologist for CMI in Canada, suggested re-examining Darwin's ideas in time for the pivotal anniversaries in 2009.

"The 2009 anniversary cannot go unchallenged," CMI states. "2009 is a pivotal opportunity for the church worldwide to challenge the false foundations of the theory of evolution … and time is short!"

According to CMI, the one-hour international broadcast documentary is one of the biggest documentary film ventures ever undertaken by a faith-funded Christian organization in the world. The project had a nearly $1 million budget and the entire film crew are Christians.

Meanwhile, evolutionists and media are busy preparing for celebrations worldwide, including over 400 Darwin Day events in 36 countries. Special events include feature films, TV documentaries, tall-ship re-enactments of the voyage of HMS Beagle, an international opera production, a world-traveling museum exhibition, numerous cultural events and many publications, with the latest being the free distribution of 200,000 "commissioned" comic strip books featuring Darwin as a children's hero, according to CMI.

Those behind Darwin Film Project are aiming not only to challenge evolution but to also demonstrate that the Bible "can be trusted in matters of history and science," including the origins of the universe.

"Throughout western society, where his ideas have been widely taught, many people think the Bible (and hence Christianity) simply isn't relevant to their every day life," CMI states. "They logically conclude that if the Bible is wrong about Creation, how can any of it be trusted?"

The non-denominational ministry works to present scientific support for creation as described in the Bible and hence to show that "the Bible can and should be trusted."

The documentary, expected to release this month, will take a critical look at some of Darwin's key ideas, and feature history footage from South America, period re-enactments and interviews with leading authorities, including evolutionists, from around the world.

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