Missing Toddler's Mom and Gang Chase Father Down Portland Street Chanting 'Murderer' (VIDEO)

A missing toddler's mom, Trista Reynolds, and her supporters have screamed at and chased the girl's father following an unrelated court appearance.

(Photo: YouTube/CNN Screen Shot)Missing toddler, Ayla.

Father, Justin DiPietro, pleaded guilty on Wednesday of violating conditions of his release in connection with his July arrest for allegedly assaulting a former girlfriend in Portland. He was sentenced to four days in jail for the new violation, although the assault charges themselves were previously dropped after authorities said the ex-girlfriend was uncooperative.

However, as he left his court appearance on Wednesday in Portland, Trista Reynolds and about a dozen of her supporters started chasing him down the street and through a parking garage.

They ran into Portland Police Station for shelter, but Reynolds and her supporters gathered outside chanting, "Murderer," and, "Where's Ayla?" in reference to the missing girl.

Later, DiPietro made a run for it, darting from the police station, and although the women gave chase he was too fast and they eventually gave up.

Ayla Reynolds disappeared in December 2011 from the residence she was staying at with DiPietro and his mother. Her body has never been found, and she is presumed dead by investigators, who have said they suspect foul play. It has been claimed that DiPietro and others who were in the residence the night Ayla went missing have not been totally forthcoming with investigators.

DiPietro has always claimed that he has no idea what happened to his daughter on the night she disappeared.

Here is a video news report on missing baby Ayla: