Monday, March 26, 2012
Mississippi State Shooting: 2 Students Shot from Different Schools

Mississippi State Shooting: 2 Students Shot from Different Schools

A Saturday night Mississippi school shooting which led to the death of one student has been ruled an isolated incident. A separate shooting which occurred Sunday and led to the death of another Mississippi student has officials concerned about the safety of state universities.

A shooting occurred Saturday night at Mississippi State University in the campus dorms. The shooting took place before 10 p.m., at which time police were notified of the incident. Mark Keenum, the university president, remarked Sunday that the shooting appeared to be an "isolated incident."

Following the shooting, three men appeared to flee the scene in a blue Sedan. Witnesses said the men did not appear to be university students. University security sent campus-wide emergency texts to inform other students of the incident. Security on campus was also increased.

"Throughout the night and into this morning, we have kept the campus informed of developments through our Maroon Alert emergency notification system," the president said. "But we have had no indication that there is a danger to others and we believe this was an isolated incident."

CNN reported further on the victim.

"John Sanderson, of Madison, Mississippi, was found with 'what appeared to be serious injuries' in the dorm. He was transported to a nearby hospital, but 'unfortunately could not be saved,'" CNN confirmed in a statement from Keenum.

On Sunday, another student was shot at Jackson University. Nolan Ryan Henderson III, a 19 year-old freshman, was shot while at an off-campus pool party.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant released a statement about both shootings.

"Those perpetuating these crimes will be apprehended and held accountable," he said. "Mississippi does not take these instances lightly, and rest assured, we will continue to provide a safe learning environment for students at all our Mississippi College and University campuses."

Both shootings occurred within hours of each other, although police have yet to suggest any connection between the two cases.



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