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Mitt Romney 'Out of Touch': GOP's Lavish Breakfast Incites Outrage from Occupy Movement

Mitt Romney 'Out of Touch': GOP's Lavish Breakfast Incites Outrage from Occupy Movement

Occupy Wall Street Protestors have accused Mitt Romney, a republican presidential candidate, of being severely "out of touch" with the average American, after hosting a fundraiser on Wednesday where VIP breakfast tickets cost attendees $2,500 each.

The Boston Herald reported that the former governor of Massachusetts, who is an accomplished venture capitalist, spoke for 15 minutes at the event at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and charged $2,500 for VIP tickets and $500 for regular seats.

News of the lavish fundraiser has incited outrage in the Occupy Wall Street movement, who protested in front of the hotel to get Romney’s attention.

The protestors chanted slogans like “Mr. One Percent,” and “Billionaire, billionaire pay your fair share." They also carried mock signs that read: “Greed is Good.”

A few protestors tried to storm the hotel and deliver their message to Romney in front of all the attendees, but they were apprehended and kicked out by New York City officers.

More than 80-chairs attended the event at the midtown hotel, which is said to have raised thousands of dollars from people in the financial sphere. Romney reportedly spoke on the economy and his foreign policy.

This was the GOP candidate’s second fundraiser in Manhattan, as he held another one on Tuesday at the Woldorf-Astoria hotel.

Jeremy Funk from Americans United for Change accused Romney of being a “corporate raider,” reminding that the candidate had said, “Corporations are people.”

The fundraiser helped spark another mock comparison between Romney and Gordon Gekko from the movie “Wall Street” among protestors.

After the event, protestors and reporters tried to get Romney to speak to them, but he escaped the crowds without stopping for comments.


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