'Monster Hunter World' Latest News: Game Producer Explains PC Release Delay

"Monster Hunter World" producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has come out to give players an insight as to why the PC version of the game will come out much later than the console versions. The new "Monster Hunter" is due to come out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in about two weeks, and the PC version is nowhere close to that launch date.

In fact, the PC version of "Monster Hunter World" has just been pushed back to autumn of 2018, which is way later than the home console version of the game, as Capcom confirmed earlier via social media.

CapcomGameplay preview for "Monster Hunter: World"

In an interview with GamesRadar via PC Gamer, Tsujimoto gave a longer explanation for the delay, like he promised on Twitter last week. It basically boils down to the studio needing more time to build the game's features for the PC from scratch.

"For the main Monster Hunter game, this is our first PC title and it's something we want to make sure we get right," Tsujimoto explains.

He went on to say that instead of trying to do console and PC development at the same time, they chose to devote their resources to one version at a time. "We want to get console out the door and then we're going to take some extra time and try and get the PC version as good as possible," he added.

Along the way, the producer also explained the extra work that making a complete game for the PC entails. The matchmaking, for one, has to be built from scratch, while the feature for the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live is just something they had to plug into.

"So, hopefully, PC users won't mind waiting a little bit longer for us to bring you a really great optimised PC experience," he concluded.

"#MHWorld is currently being optimized for PC and is planned for an Autumn 2018 release!" the official "Monster Hunter" Twitter handle announced earlier on Jan. 4, accompanied by a video from Tsujimoto himself where he thanked "Monster Hunter" fans on the PC for their patience.