Moses Parts 'Red Sea' at Mass. High School Game (VIDEOS)

Lawrence Central Catholic High School in Massachusetts has perhaps one of the most unique pre-game traditions – Moses parts the Red Sea before the game starts.

The team's faithful fans, dressed in all red, begin to flail their arms to mimic waves while an unnamed person shows up dressed as Moses.

He then stands in front of the crowd with a bare broom that he raises in the air and slams down into the ground. Once the stick is slammed, the fans fall to the left and right leaving an opening for the Moses impersonator to run through and start the crowd chanting "Let's go Central!"

Watch below

The school even has its own Facebook page with over 1,000 followers called, "The Red Sea -- Greatest High School Fan Section in America."

The administrators of the website are enjoying their new found fame with their last status reading, "Congrats Raiders!!!" and then a link to a Yahoo story the school was featured in, followed by "ESPN tweeted about us!!" and a screen capture of the tweet.

Here's an alternative video

Other colleges famous for their crowd participation are Taylor University's "Silent Night" game and John Brown University's "Toilet Paper" game.

Taylor University's "Silent Night" game is truly a spectacle. On the Friday before finals week, the crowd sits in almost absolute silence until the home team scores their tenth point. Then they erupt like the team just hit a game winning shot.

At the end of the night, the crowd even sings "Silent Night" while the teams are still playing.

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John Brown's "Toilet Paper" game is especially unusual as every fan in attendance arrives to the game holding rolls of toilet paper. Once the team scores their first bucket of the season the crowd goes crazy and starts flinging the toilet paper all over.

The team receives a technical foul for delay of game because it take several minutes to clean up, but no one in attendance even seems to care.

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