Moto X Software Update for Camera Rolls Out to Sprint, AT&T Version Coming Soon

The Moto X software update that is said to bring improvements to the device's camera has rolled out for Sprint and could be released for AT&T next.

It has already been made available to T-Mobile users and AT&T has begun a soak test for the update which means it might roll out soon for the carrier.

The update improves camera quality and brings a few minor bug fixes and other enhancements to the system.

The camera will now have the ability to deliver better color accuracy. It will also feature reduced noise for low-light situations and improved exposure for outdoor or backlit scenes. It adds enhanced auto-white balance performance and makes for a signification improvement to the device's photographing abilities.

The Moto X will retail for $299 off-contract through Republic Wireless.

The small carrier is also offering plans that range from $5 to $40 per month. The device normally retails for $199 on-contract, so purchasing it free of agreements for this price is a great deal. Customers looking to purchase the Moto X at full price will have to pay $580 elsewhere.

Moto X rooting instructions are now available for both the Verizon and AT&T versions of the smartphone.

The device could be altered on both carriers along with other popular Motorola devices such as the Droid Ultra, Mini and MAXX, according to a report from Android Authority.

In order to root these smartphones, users must download the correct apk file that matches their device, install and run it and tap "Setup." After this is finished, the phone will reboot and once it's back on the user will have full root access.

Users could then download the SuperSU app from the Google Play store. They will need to keep the MotoRoot app installed since uninstalling it will break the root. In case that happens they can re-install the app again.