Motorola X Phone Will Not Appear at July 11 Event, Says Company

The Motorola X Phone will not make an appearance at the company's July 11 event.

Motorola recently denied that the new Android device will make its debut on that date. The company is expected to announce three other Android handsets, according to Android Authority.

The Motorola X Phone will deliver a "pure" Android experience to owners of the device.

However, it will not be branded as a Nexus device, according to Android and Me's Taylor Wimberly. Google wants to keep the Nexus brand separate from Motorola in order to not appear to be playing favorites to the other OEMs.

This will make the smartphone receive software updates around the same time that Nexus devices do.

Wimberly also reported on his Twitter account that the Moto X phone will feature a Clear Pixel Camera with gesture controls. This could be a term used for the device's camera to market it against HTC's UltraPixel. Wimberly mentioned that Motorola hopes to make dark blurry pictures a thing of the past with the camera. No other information has been released on the component at this time.

Previous rumors pointed to the Moto X featuring a 10-megapixel rear shooter. The smartphone is also expected to also come with a contextual awareness feature as it will know when the user wants to take a picture and will automatically start the camera app.

A device that could be the Motorola X Phone was spotted running on Sprint's network last month.

This smartphone was photographed and features the codename Motorola XT1056. This same device was also recently spotted at the FCC. The organization has revealed similar handsets such as the XT1055, the XT1060, and the XT1058 which belong to other major U.S. carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and U.S. Cellular. They could all be variants of the new X Phone.