Murray Greig, 'Braveheart' Streaker, Gets TV Ad for Flashing Rugby Players

Murray Greig, a Scottish streaker, has earned himself the nickname "braveheart" after he ran down onto the field during a rugby game between Scotland and Australia flashing players and fans alike.

Murray Greig, 22, partially concealed his nakedness with a kilt during Scotland's historic 9-6 victory over Australia. His handstanding and kilt-swishing action at Hunter Stadium in Newcastle was a big hit with the rowdy crowd, even as security guards chased him down.

Now, ESPN is using video recordings of Greig to promote their coverage of rugby, and the Scottish streaker couldn't be more surprised.

"It's been crazy," he told The Daily Record. "I was just a mad, spur-of-the-moment thing and now friends from home are getting in touch to say I'm appearing on TV adverts."

Greig, who was on an 8-month vacation to Australia, managed to elude authorities at the New South Wales stadium for quite a while before he was caught. His friend, full-back Tom Brown, was playing for the first time that night, and the Edinburgh man wanted to make the game memorable.

"I was running around the pitch and security guards were chasing me," the streaker explained. "I managed to dodge them for about another 30 seconds before they caught up with me."

A billboard put a quick end to Greig's run; the 22-year-old ran into it and fell over. Security guards pounced on him, quickly removing him from the field.

Fortunately, his stunt had few consequences. Greig's lack of identification turned out to be a blessing once the authorities had him in custody.

"The police asked me for ID but I didn't have any, so they let me go," the Scot said.

Critics claim that the boisterous nature of rugby and the sport's fans are the reason Grieg's stunt went unpunished.

"If he had done the same thing on any high street in the country he would be locked up for indecent exposure, however in the rugby world of luvvies its seen as a laugh," Scott Young wrote on the Daily Record blog. "Pathetic, immature and not even remotely funny in my opinion."