Nativity Story Told through Social Media Goes Viral

A digital marketing company has produced a modern way of telling the nativity story that has caught on with millions of people.

In tune with the social media era, Excentric – a Lisbon, Portugal, company – created a video that tells the Christmas story through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google, among other popular media tools.

In the last week, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube, with most of the viewers liking it.

Miguel Figueiredo, president of Excentric, told CNN that he wanted to illustrate how social media tools can work.

And he used the familiar story of Jesus Christ's birth to demonstrate so.

"The story for us is very familiar, even all the details," he told CNN, noting that Portugal is a predominantly Catholic country. "Of course we involved the people who are more connected to the religion on a more daily basis and they were very participative in the creative process."

"The Digital Story of the Nativity" begins with a Google search of "the story of the Nativity." The user then clicks on Google maps to locate Nazareth, Israel.

From there, Mary receives a text message on her phone from Archangel Gabriel who tells her, "Mary, you're going to give birth to the Son of God."

The user goes to Wikipedia to find out more about the Holy Spirit. The digital story then follows Mary who e-mails Joseph.

"Joseph we need to talk. I am going to be pregnant. Xoxo. reply ASAP," she writes.

To make the journey to Bethlehem, the video shows a search on Google maps to obtain directions from Nazareth to Bethlehem. As part of the map search, the user checks the box "Avoid Romans."

A donkey is then purchased on a rental website.

Afterward, "Joseph Carpenter" tweets that he's going to Bethlehem with Mary for the census. Using the foursquare app, the couple finds vacancy and checks in at the Stable.

On his Facebook page, Joseph announces that the baby was born and uploads a photo of Jesus.

The digital story then follows the three magi or three kings who tweet that they're going to see the baby. They buy their gifts for the baby on Amazon. They then follow "Star of Bethlehem64" on Twitter.

A video file of the magi presenting their gifts to baby Jesus is lastly uploaded on YouTube.

The video concludes with: "Times change, the feeling remains the same."

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