Nazi Bride Murder Trial: Beate Zschaepe National Socialist Underground Trial to Commence (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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(Photo: Reuters/German Federal Police Handout)A handout police picture taken from the website of the German Federal Police on May 9, 2012, showing a picture of Uwe Boehnhardt (L) and Beate Zschaepe, members of a small neo-Nazi group. Picture taken in 2004.

A Nazi Bride murder trial will kick off in Germany on Monday, as Beate Zschaepe – otherwise known as the "Nazi Bride" – will be in court to face charges of her alleged involvement in numerous killings.

German federal prosecutor Wolfgang Range has said, "I am convinced that she wasn't just an accessory or merely a companion, but was in fact acting on the same level as the others."

The Nazi Bride murder trial has caught particular interest as Zschaepe is the last surviving member of the National Socialist Underground. Even though many in the group have been hunted through the years most have never faced justice, with many being killed and others taking their own lives.

Many have touted that if justice can be brought to Zschaepe then it will represent a significant victory against the group, and that Zschaepe would represent all women involved in the killings.

The case has highlighted the prominent role that some women played in the neo-Nazi scene, and how some gained strong influence in the right wing of German politics.

According to NBC News, statistics reveal that almost 20 percent of executives in the German extremist NPD Party were women.

The trial commences on Monday, and is expected to continue for a number of months. If the Nazi Bride is convicted then she could face life in prison.

Here is a video on the Nazi Bride and the current case about to begin on Monday: