New Noah's Ark Book Claims Real Evidence for 'Greatest Discovery Ever'

A Danish journalist and author is releasing a new book on the biblical ark of Noah, claiming that a 2010 discovery made by a Chinese-Kurdish research team is most probably the famous vessel that has captivated research efforts for generations.

Noah's ark, described in the book of Genesis in a narrative of how Noah is chosen by God to build a giant ark to save his family and a pair of every animal on Earth, is believed to have settled in the mountainous Ararat region in present-day Turkey, but no widely-accepted scientific evidence has been established for its existence.

"I didn't write about the ark in order to convince people that God exists or that the Bible speaks the truth. I just couldn't stop investigating and writing about this great discovery," Henri Nissen said to The Christian Post in an email about his book, Noah's Ark: Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries.

"I started up in 1999 investigating the so called 'boat shaped object.' First I thought this might actually be the ark, but many questions couldn't be answered. Then the Chinese team came up with their great find, and it is so amazing and much more convincing. Here we have actual wood and rooms," Nissen continued.

Nissen has been making expeditions to Eastern Turkey since 1999, has written 11 books, thousands of articles, and has produced radio broadcasts and television programs. He says that in his latest book, the 2010 Chinese-Kurdish discovery plays a vital role, and his analysis helps readers decide for themselves how genuine it is or not. Historical information the author presents include ancient sources, Sumerian clay tablets, and biblical and non-biblical accounts describing the flood, the ark, and Noah.

The 2010 discovery refers to an expedition that found a total of seven spaces with beams, doors, hooks, stairs, rope, crystal, and hay over a 4,200-meter (13,000 feet) area up at the Ararat mountain, with the evidence dated to be around 5,000 years old.

"As I started to look into the signs or indications for the biblical flood, it became a passion to unveil all the hidden information from ancient time," Nissen shared.

"It really seems like not only the biblical flood but a lot of the ancient history has been forgotten or lost on purpose, because it doesn't fit with the doubtful theories of evolution. I hope somebody else will help to dig deeper and find 'forbidden' archaeology and hidden history and tell it to the world. There is a big task waiting."

The journalist and author insisted that today's media have a negative outlook toward religion, and that is why they often ignore or ridicule people who provide evidence that goes against the accepted theory of evolution.

"We have had too many people proclaiming that they found the ark and it wasn't true," he said.

Nissen noted that if the 2010 discovery is indeed proven to be the real Noah's ark, it would be the "greatest discovery ever."

"Because if this is the ark, then there was a worldwide flood. Then history and geology and a lot of the so-called science must be reviewed and rewritten. And the Bible must be looked at not only as a fairy tale book or only a religious book for religious people, but as the greatest source of prehistory we have," he suggested.

"The Bible isn't 'only' a revelation of God, it is also historically trustworthy. Many Christians have given up believing that, because of all the criticism. But the Bible time and time again proves to be more trustworthy than we thought. Still it will be up to each person to decide if the rediscovery of the ark should mean also a rethinking of their beliefs. Some people seem to prefer believing in what is convenient," the researcher concluded.

The 320-page book, Noah's Ark: Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries, was published by Scandinavia Publishing House and will be available Oct. 31.



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