Nexus 4 Now Available Free on T-Mobile

The Nexus 4 is now free on T-Mobile, with the carrier offering the device at no cost for customers who sign a two-year contract before Feb. 24.

The carrier is offering the 16GB version of the device which normally retails for over $500 unlocked. This is a web-only offer so customers will have to purchase the Nexus 4 on the Internet in order to take advantage of the deal.

It will also take a little bit of work to get the smartphone's price down to zero. The Nexus 4 normally retails for $549 and when the customer attempts to purchase it online with this deal they will instantly receive a $300 discount, then they will receive a $50 mail-in rebate which they can't forget to mail in, and a $199.99 web-only discount which makes the device free.

However, the rebate will make them have to shell out $50 in order to receive the device.

Google is also running a special in the Play store offering the 16GB Nexus 4 handset for $349. This could actually end up being the better deal as no commitment is required to purchase the device and T-Mobile's rates will make up for the money saved on the free phone.

The Nexus 4 is one of the finest smartphones on the market and arguably runs the Android operating system most efficiently.

The handset launched in November 2012 and frequently sells out in the Google Play store due to the extremely high demand for the device. It features impressive specifications such as a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM and a 4.7-inch True HD display.