NRB President Frank Wright Announces Resignation

National Religious Broadcasters President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright announced that he will be stepping down from his position in October, completing a decade of service for the Christian association.

"I have prayerfully concluded that my season of service at NRB is drawing to a close," Dr. Wright said in a letter to NRB Board Chairman Richard P. Bott II. "Accordingly, I do hereby resign my position as president and CEO of NRB, effective October 4, 2013."

Bott accepted the resignation and expressed appreciation for Dr. Wright's "dedicated service" during his 10 years as president. Wright had been unanimously selected by the NRB Executive Committee back at the NRB 2003 Convention & Exposition.

"We especially appreciate the top-notch team of dedicated professionals he has assembled to do the work of NRB, serve our membership and protect religious free speech on Capitol Hill," Bott said.

The NRB chairman revealed that a search committee comprised of NRB Board of Directors and Executive Committee members will be established to discuss candidates to succeed Wright.

"I trust that the Lord will bless us and guide our efforts, as He so clearly did ten years ago with the selection and acceptance of Dr. Frank Wright," said Bott.

In a separate open letter to friends and colleagues at NRB, Wright expressed his optimism that the association can handle the challenges that lie ahead.

"While the NRB faces many significant challenges in our day, I am fully persuaded that a season of even greater ministry effectiveness lies ahead. It is for us only to remain faithful to Him who loved us and loosed us from our sins in His own precious blood," Wright wrote.

Wright has been a vocal defender of religious freedom in America, and has recently argued against Obamacare's birth control mandate which he and other religious leaders say threatens those liberties. The mandate forces religious employers to provide contraceptives and abortifacients to employees, even if it goes against their moral beliefs.

"Restrictions on religious freedom anywhere, are threats to religious freedom everywhere," Wright said at the NRB Convention earlier in March.

The NRB president has also warned against the government placing a "hate speech" label on organizations or individuals upholding a biblical view that clashes with currently accepted norms in society.

"If we are not careful, we could find ourselves breaking the law by preaching the Word of God," Wright warned.