Sunday, May 06, 2012
NY Knicks Fans Call Win Over Heat a 'Miracle;' Lin Back for Game 5?

NY Knicks Fans Call Win Over Heat a 'Miracle;' Lin Back for Game 5?

The New York Knicks have finally managed to end their NBA-record 13-game playoff losing streak with an 89-87 win against the Miami Heat on Sunday, in a result that some fans have described as miraculous. The win has caused some to question whether injured starting point guard Jeremy Lin could return for Game 5 of the series and in doing so change the outcome of the playoffs.

The Knicks have battled injuries all season, and lost Lin to a meniscus injury in March. Backup point guard and crucial Knicks defender Iman Shumpert suffered an injury to his knee in game one of the best-of-seven playoffs series against the Heat.

The team's current starting point guard, Baron Davis, suffered an injury during the second half of the latest game against the heat, and was carried off court on a stretcher after pulling up clutching his knee. However, the Knicks managed to come back in a win that has left fans astonished.

"Miracle on Broadway: The New York Knicks have won their first playoff game in 11 years," one fan tweeted while another called the feat "Miracle on 34th street."

Many had doubted whether the Knicks could pull off the win against a team they had failed to beat all season.

"Knicks without their top three PG if you include Shumpert," one fan tweeted during the game. "Chandler has five fouls. It'll take a miracle to finish this out."

The team's starting forwards Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire led their team in the win over Miami with 41 points and 20 points respectively.

Stoudemire, speaking in a postgame press conference, described how watching Davis' injury in the game had shaken him up. He said he was praying for his friend and teammate on the court.

"I almost shed a tear on the court to be honest with you. He's a great guy on the court," Stoudemire said. "I dropped down to one knee and said a prayer while he was on the ground. It was sad for me."

Anthony followed the sentiments of his teammate concerning Davis' injury that left him unable to walk off the court at the end of the fourth quarter.

"I'm just glad we came together after that," Anthony told the press after the game. "I can only imagine what's going through Baron's head right now. My prayers are with him."

However, fans on Twitter seemed to be awaiting another phenomenon to take place in Game five, in the form of Linsanity, 23-year-old Lin's nickname.

"Knicks (are) setup for miracle in Miami with Jeremy Lin," a fan tweeted.

With Davis suffering from a dislocated left patella that could end his career, many questioned whether Lin would return on Wednesday for Game 5.

"I really don't want to say I am or am not (returning). I just want to take it day by day," Lin said in an ESPN report Thursday. "Game 5, I have no idea."


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