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Over 3,000 Christian Leaders Gather to Become 'Change Agents'

Over 3,000 Christian Leaders Gather to Become 'Change Agents'

Over 3,000 next generation leaders from all over the world have gathered in Irvine, Calif., for three days of teaching, worship and exploration of what's possible for the Church.

Catalyst West Coast, which kicked of Wednesday, is featuring some of the most influential leaders from ministries, non-profits, and companies, including Brian Houston, Craig Groeshel, Andy Stanley, and Erwin McManus, among others.

According to the conference organizers, the event was designed to inspire, challenge, and engage people who are hungry for new information and eager to share it.

"Church leadership is often focused on the past, but the speed of religious, political and social change in the world is moving faster than ever," they say. "Nine years ago, we created Catalyst to help shape the future of the church. It's an event that allows next generation leaders to challenge the process and make change for the better."

Since it began, the conference has drawn over 90,000 attendees and grown into two annual events on the East and West coasts, regional one-day events, a dedicated online magazine, an online community, a bi-weekly podcast, and many other tools for young leaders.

The movement of "change agents" has reportedly grown to 12,000 – all of whom are passionate about impacting their communities, their churches, and their culture for Christ.

"Catalyst is more than just a conference – it's a three-day convergence of Next Generation Leaders full immersed in learning, worship, and creativity," organizers say.

Catalyst and the annual conferences provide a wide cover for addressing a variety of topics specific to Next Generation Leaders, including organizational leadership, personal leadership, integrity, character, relationships, and teamwork, among others.

Also featured during the three-day event will be Hillsong United, who will be leading worship.

"[O]ur prayer is that Catalyst West Coast would be a portal for leaders in ministry to move into a greater understanding of what it means to be passionate followers of Christ and change agents in culture," comments LV Hanson on behalf of the Catalyst Team.

The event, which is being held at Mariners Church, will conclude at 4:30 p.m. on Friday.


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