'Overwhelming Evidence' of Noah's Ark Discovery Featured on Website

A website is suggesting that the remains of the biblical Noah’s Ark have been found near the summit of Mt. Ararat in Turkey, and the research team’s project leader has published a number of scientific articles claiming the legitimacy of the discovery.


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The finding concerns a large, wooden piece measuring 24 x 123 feet from the Ark, which has been located deep inside the glacial ice 350 feet from the top of Mt. Aratat. The area has historically been associated with the possible spot where the Ark hit land after the ocean waters dispersed during the biblical account of the Genesis flood. According to the website, which is named Noah's Ark Found, talk of the Ark has been swarming the mountain region for thousands of years, though science has never confirmed its existence or location.

The creator of the research project, Daniel P. McGivern, president and C.E.O. of Shamrock, The Trinity Corporation, has posted evidence on the website seeking to change that and argue a strong case for the credible existence of the Ark and its location at the 17,000-foot mountain. The "Science Directs Discovery" section features links to various scientific articles that discuss evidence for the Ark, as well as photographs from the archeological site of the discovery, and sketches that seek to illustrate the dimensions of the ship and how it would have found itself on top of the mountain.

McGivern’s case includes an argument that claims Carbon dating is not an effective way of determining the ship’s age because of the wet wood, as well as a video presentation by Dr. Walt Brown from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who discusses the Hydroplate Theory about the way the water would have risen and carried Noah’s Ark.

Another interesting finding featured on the website shares a story about former President Jimmy Carter who saw a large piece of the Arc while he was flying over the mountain in the Air Force One – a happening he wrote about in the White House Diary. A host of other sightings by prominent government officials include reports by U.S. pilots who flew over the region during World War II and gave accounts of similar objects.

There is even evidence from the CIA that presents satellite images showing the Ark buried beneath the snow and ice on Mt. Aratat.

Besides taking the scientific approach, the website also features biblical warnings from Jesus Christ and what McGivern claims to be messages from "the Virgin Mary" about judgment in the end times and the need for people to repent and place their faith in Christianity. A list of more than 30 "inspirational" articles seeks to bring spiritual guidance to interested readers.

McGivern, a Roman Catholic, describes the collection of information on the website as “overwhelming,” and contends that the large piece found in the ice was from the Noah’s ark, CBN reported.

“The mountain is treeless. The mountain is volcanic with gases. There is no conceivable way that you could have an object that big on a mountain," the C.E.O said, but added that it would be difficult to reach it: "You are up there at 16,600 feet. How are you going to get down to it?”

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