Pi Day Today, Celebrations Cross Globe

Thursday has arrived with Pi Day and people everywhere are celebrating the mathematical affair.

Celebrated each year on March 14 (3-14), the day honors the number pi, which begins with 3.14.

Despite pi having been discovered over 4,500 years ago, the mathematical wonder still baffles scholars, scientists, and mathematicians that have yet to compute its exact value.

The number pi, which is the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle, is honored each year with people baking actual pies. Many math enthusiasts opt for baking Meyer lemon pie because of its tangy chilled taste that reminds people of summertime, but the possibilities are endless.

Pi, recognized as π, is a mathematical constant represented as (C = π x d, thus π = C / d).

The exact value of pi has not been identified is because it is an irrational number and can go on for infinity. Fortunately, only the first eight to ten digits are needed of pi in order to get useful and accurate results, and many shorten it to just 3.14.

Meanwhile, the number is being celebrated across the world. In France, pi memorizer Daniel Tammet is ringing in the country's first-ever Pi Day celebration at Paris' Palace of Discovery science museum, according to CNN.

Tammet, who recited 22,514 digits of pi from memory in 2004, displayed paintings that represented pi during the event.

"What my brain was doing was inventing meaning, like a story," he explained to CNN. "What I did was make a poem or a novel out of pi, and took those colors and those emotions and used them to perceive patterns, or at least to perceive patters in my mind that were memorable, that were meaningful to me."

Furthermore, Twitter users are abuzz about Pi Day activities.

"Happy Pi Day," wrote Mean Stinks. "Why not celebrate over a yummy slice of pie with a friend?"

Another Twitter users posted, "Happy Pi Day. Eat all of the delicious pie you can get."

"It's Pi Day, started Samantha. "I'm getting nostalgic for the pi day assembly from high school where students got to pie teachers in the face."

Wild Earth Bakery in Edmonton, Canada is inviting costumers in for a special slice of pie on Pi Day.

"Happy Pi day 3.14," they posted. "Come on in for a delicious slice of #PeanutButterpie fresh made in our bakery today! Green tea is still on special too."