Pokemon X and Y New Evolution Unveiling on Facebook Tomorrow

Pokemon will be unveiling a new evolutionary form for one of their characters tomorrow for the upcoming X and Y games.

"Heads up, Trainers! A new evolved Pokémon will be revealed exclusively on our Facebook page on Wednesday, September 25! Can you guess which Pokémon we'll be showing next?" the company posted on their Facebook.

Pokemon X and Y will welcome two new fossil character additions to the franchise after a reveal from Nintendo.

The first of the two Pokemon is, Tyrunt. He is a rock/dragon type that comes from the Jaw Fossil and later evolves into Tyrantrum. As the name indicates, the Pokemon looks like a T-Rex.

The next one is, Amaru who then evolves into Aurorus. This Pokemon is a rock/ice type that comes from the Sail Fossil. This character resembles one of the long necked dinosaurs such as a brontosaurus.

Previously the two Pokemon were announced with only their Japanese names of Chigorasu and Amarusu.

In the games a player usually has the opportunity to get one fossil Pokemon within the game. The only other way to achieve one is by trade, this will hold true in X and Y.

A Pokemon X and Y director recently spoke about the themes of the new game being centered around bonds and working with other people rather than the classic solo quest of the past.

While in previous games the player also had to accept his mission from a professor and head off into the world on his own; now, the character is equipped with everything he needs from the start. The character then meets with a few neighborhood kids who are also embarking out on their own Pokemon quest, creating rivals and companionship.

"One of the central themes of Pokemon X and Y are bonds – The bonds between people, and the bonds between and Pokemon," director Junichi Masuda told Polygon.

Masuda said they decided to change things up in X and Y to try and make the most complete Pokemon game ever.

Pokemon X and Y launches Oct. 12.