Pokémon X and Y Not the Only New Pokémon Game According to Nintendo Teaser

Nintendo teased another Pokemon game coming to the Wii U aside from Pokemon X and Y at an event in Japan this last weekend.

According to IGN.com the preview was at a Pokemon Game Show event where the company showed a brief recap of all the games in the series as well as the popular card game in the 90s. The montage ended with two distorted Pokem characters facing off in a battle in what appears to be a new game.

The next upcoming games for Nintendo are Pokemon Rumble U for the Wii U on August 29, and Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS on October 12.

Pokémon X and Y is bringing a change to one of the most popular series' of all time by adding a new feature called "Mega Evolutions."

In the game's universe, players capture these Pokémon to train and battle against other opponents. In an RPG style of play, the stronger your Pokémon gets, the more it will level up. Once one of these creatures reaches a certain level, they evolve into a stronger form of themselves. Some Pokémon, however, require a certain stone or scenario to make them transform. In X and Y certain Pokémon will need a Mega Stone.

Nintendo revealed the new Mega Evolution features at the Pokémon World Championships this past weekend in a trailer showing off three characters new: Mega Ampharos, Mega Absol, and Mega Mawile.

Nintendo had previously announced Mega MewTwo, Mega Lucario, and Mega Blaziken.

Only select Pokémon will be able to transform into a "Mega" form, and will require their own significant Mega Stone.

According to the game company, these new mega evolved Pokémon will be much stronger in battle, although it is unknown how much more and in what ways.