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Lady Gaga Faces Lawsuit Over 'Judas' Single

Religious Leaders Say Shock Value is Over-Rated

Lady Gaga Faces Lawsuit Over 'Judas' Single

Pop diva Lady Gaga is back in the news facing another alleged lawsuit – this time by a Chicago-based musician for copyright infringement.

Vocalist Rebecca Fancescatti, whose former bass player Brian Gaynor is now employed by a music company that wrote 17 songs on Gaga's recent "Born This Way" album, says Gaga’s hit song "Judas" is a rip-off of her 1999 tune "Juda." She is basically claiming that Gaga plagiarized her song.

The new Lady Gaga song “Judas” tells a tale of worshiping Judas, the apostle that betrayed Jesus.

"Though the songs are different styles, the composition is the same and the chorus is the same melody,” Fancescatti’s attorney, Chris Niro, told TMZ.

"She is just seeking recognition for what she created."

Plagiarism goes hand in hand with copyright infringement in the music business. It literally means it is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author.

Francescatti, who sings under the stage name “Rebecca F.,” is allegedly suing for an unspecified amount in damages.

Holly Shakoor, Lady Gaga’s spokesperson, said the lawsuit is “frivolous.”

This will be the second lawsuit Gaga is facing within two months. The pop icon was sued this summer by U.S. consumer attorneys for profiting from the sale of $3.99 “We Pray for Japan” bracelets.

"This misguided lawsuit is without merit and unfortunately takes attention away from the kind deeds of the fans around the world who are supporting the people of Japan,” Shakoor told reporters.

Gaga has not mentioned the issue of either lawsuit lately by tweeting to her some 12 million followers she calls her “little monsters.”

In the meantime, the "Judas" music video is filled with biblical imagery and has sparked debate among religious groups.

Gaga told reporters that she is not trying to anger any religious groups with the Judas song and video.

"It is not meant to be an attack on religion,” Gaga said in a recent interview.

“I respect and love everyone's beliefs. The song is meant more to celebrate faith than it is to challenge it."

Bill Donahue, president of The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, said Gaga’s new song is a stunt to shock Catholics and Christians.

“She is dressed as a nun, she swallows the rosary in the Judas video,” Donahue said in a statement to the media.

“She has now morphed into a caricature of herself. She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances.”

Gaga also plays Mary Magdalene in the music video.

Her creative director, Laurieann Gibson, told The Hollywood Reporter that "Judas" shouldn't be offensive.

"It went through several changes and late-night debates because at one point, there were two completely different views and I did not want lightning to strike me!,” Gibson told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I believe in the Gospel. We don't touch on things that we have no right touching upon, but the inspiration and the soul and idea that come from your darkness, your Judas, you can come into the marvelous light.”

She said the song is about inspiration and to motivate listeners to never give up.

“I believe I was put on this earth to cause a ruckus and I just want to keep making stuff that's great and thought-provoking," Gaga said.

Gaga has yet to publicly respond to Francescatti's claims about plagiarizing and copyright infringement.

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