Virginia Tech Shooter Causes Tweeters to Tweet Prayers and Jokes

People in the area near Virginia Tech took to Twitter to express their reactions over the possibility of a gunman roaming the campus, sharing everything from information and jokes, to prayers.

Brian Romans, an assistant professor at the university who goes by the Twitter handle, @clasticdetritus, tweeted, “just heard someone was reported on campus here (Virginia Tech) with a gun” at approximately 10:15 am.

Jorge Valencia, a reporter for The Roanoke Times, tweeted, “WVTF is reporting a person w gun spotted on Virginia Tech campus near Dietrick Hall (sp?), which is a dining hall and convenience store.”

After news got out about the possible location of where the alleged shooter might be located, Romans tweeted, “I'm in Derring Hall, which is the other side of campus from Dietrick ... the alarm sound went off, but still an alert on VT homepage.”

People on Twitter prayed for the university that saw 33 murdered by a gunman in 2007, and someone decapitated by another student in the cafeteria in 2009.

@PiNk_PaNtHeR06 tweeted, “Lord please watch over the student, faculty,staff and innocent bystanders at Virginia Tech as they deal with this troubled time!” she tweeted.

@LCaCera_PR said on Twitter, “Virginia Tech is being hit again?! Wow! Praying for the student's and staff's safety.”

And @SoGorgeousRae tweeted, “These student are getting too outta control. Pray that Virginia Tech doesnt have another tragic shooting today!!”

Other people simply expressed their shock and frustration over the possibility of more violence.

“WHY DO PPL KEEP SHOOTIN UP VIRGINIA TECH ! They need to make all their student take a psych evaluation before they can start school smh," @tee_marie_ tweeted.

And @Wnderfully_Made commented on Twitter, “You couldn't pay me to go to Virginia Tech, there's always a student tryna shoot up the school.”

However, the possibility if tragedy did not keep people from cracking jokes.

“Virginia Tech ought to sell kevlar at the student store,” tweeted @GlennWaggner.

And @eLoElz tweeted, “Transferring to Virginia Tech so I won't have to pay back my student loans...”

At the time of posting, the alleged gunman has not been found and no shootings have been reported.