Power Bible Review: A Great Resource for Children to Learn the Bible

The new 'Power Bible' comic trades offer parents a great alternative to teach their children the stories from the Bible.

The books, released by Green Egg Media, turn the narratives of scripture such as the Creation story, the story of Joseph, and the Great Flood into comic reels that are easy for children to read and enjoy. The Bible could sometimes be intimidating to the younger generations and this provides them with something a bit more palatable.

The artwork is simple and the dialogue is basic and taken right from what is found in scripture. Every part in Power Bible provides the reader with what exact scriptures a particular story they are telling was lifted from. It provides definitions for complicated words in between pictures so that those who are new to the Bible can know what they mean as they continue reading.

The books give a clear illustration of some of the actions taken by people in scripture. An example of this would be when Cain kills Abel. There are pictures of him building up to commit the atrocity. The book does not actually show the murder as it is aimed at children, however, it gives parents an opportunity to explain to them what happened without them seeing some type of graphic image.

The books are separated into volumes and there are currently 10 available. They encompass most of the Bible from Adam and Eve to the Revelation.

They function as a great way to introduce your children to the stories in scripture, however, they are not a valid replacement as certain aspects are left out to simplify and make it easier to illustrate. 'Power Bible' is a good tool to introduce and build a hunger for scripture within your little ones.

For more information on 'Power Bible' or to purchase the volumes visit the official website by CLICKING HERE.

The volumes are currently available for purchase through Amazon.com.