Randall Terry TV Ad Calls Obama a 'Child-Killer' (VIDEO)

Democratic Presidential Candidate Randall Terry launched a scathing television advertisement attack on President Barack Obama that claims all Catholics who voted for him have “committed sin.”

The anti-abortion politician has been campaigning hard on his conservative Catholic platform, and released today the ad that will run on many television stations across Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota. The video directly asks Catholics if they voted for Obama – and accuses them of going against church teachings if they did.

The ad features a quote from Pope John Paul II who spoke against abortion and focused on the sanctity of each human life. He also warned against accepting evil, which Terry related to voting for Obama and his refusal to make firm antiabortion policies.

Terry, who appeals directly to his voters to do the right thing and refuse to vote for the current president when the main elections begin next year, narrates the entire video. The ad is also filled with images of aborted fetuses close to birth that are quite graphic in nature and illustrate the harsh reality of abortion.

Terry even claims that Obama “condones the murder of babies,” and features an image of Judas kissing Jesus, indicating that anyone who voted for Obama “betrayed” the church by supporting “child-killers.”

The presidential candidate also clarified his position.

"In 2008, 55 percent of Catholics voted for Obama, although he openly supported the murder of babies. We will run these ads throughout the country, hoping to create a crisis of conscience with those voters,” he said in a statement.

The Democrat concluded that even if 7 percent to 8 percent of those Catholics changed their vote and refused to support Obama in 2012, this would almost surely take him down from the presidential seat.

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