PS4 vs Xbox One: Playstation 4 Controller Wins Poll Over Xbox One by 3-to-1 Margin

In a recent poll between whether gamers preferred the PS4 or the Xbox One's controller, Sony won by a big margin.

The Playstation 4 beat out Microsoft's system 3 to 1, with over 2,147 voters picking the PS4 DualShock compared to the Xbox One's 743 votes, according to data collected by Polar.

Other polls included which controller looked better, and which console had a better interface – the PS4 won both, with the biggest margin being 2,206 to 688.

"A feature that's likely swaying many gamers to the PS4 and DualShock 4 is the controller's Share button, which allows gamers to easily stream and share their gameplay experiences on Facebook and UStream. Xbox One gamers will also be able to stream and share gameplay, though the PS4 can record up to 15 minutes of gameplay. The Xbox One can only muster five minutes of gameplay right now but that could change considering Microsoft's previous flexibility," said Konrad Krawczyk of IBTimes.

The DualShock 4 gamepad for Playstation 4 will include new innovations such as a touchpad, improved analog sticks, a light bar, and a speaker.

The touchpad will have pinch and zoom features as well as clickable mouse like functions and swiping. This option adds a whole new depth to games allowing for a whole new set of commands at the users fingertips, according to Tech Radar.

The analog sticks will now have a concave center and be slightly spaced apart, allowing for maximum comfort and little movement for gamers' thumbs.

While the analog sticks remain mostly the same except for a deeper concave and the X,Y,B, and A buttons are the same albeit a bit closer, major improvements have been made to the D-Pad, reported Tech Radar. This change will vastly improve a players performance in fighting games as the D-Pad promises to be more directionally efficient.

The Xbox One overhauled their controller too, with the most notable changes occurring on the face of the remote. The Xbox Home or Guide button has been relocated to the very top of the controller to keep from getting in players' way with accidental button pushes.

The Start and Back buttons have been removed in favor of the new View and Menu buttons.

Tech Radar also reports a complete re-design of the trigger and bumper buttons on top of the controller. The bumpers have grown drastically in size and the triggers are now protruding more out of the back of the controller -- an improvement that makes handling more natural.

Both systems are expected to be released before black Friday with the PS4 retailing at $399 and the Xbox One going for $499.

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