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Queen Elizabeth II's Entrance at Olympics Opening Ceremony an Internet Meme? (VIDEO)

British Monarch Leaps From Helicopter With Daniel Craig (James Bond); 'Bored' Expression Strikes Viewers

Queen Elizabeth II's Entrance at Olympics Opening Ceremony an Internet Meme? (VIDEO)

Carl ?(@AirForce_Carl) tweeted: "This picture of the Queen with James Bond is EPIC!!" | (Photo: Twitter/@AirForce_Carl)

Queen Elizabeth II made a surprisingly daring entrance to the Opening Ceremony at the Olympics in London Friday, with U.S. viewers poking fun at her rather stoic facial expression, suggesting that one particular grim-looking image was on its way to becoming an Internet meme.

After the British queen's parachute entrance into the Olympics stadium at the center of London, accompanied by actor Daniel Craig in true Bond form, spectators and other guests and dignitaries rose to their feet and applauded her entrance.

London 2012 ?(@London2012) tweeted: "Remember when James Bond & HRH The Queen jumped from a helicopter? Don't see that every day." | (Photo: Twitter/@London2012)

As the queen took her seat at the stadium, however, she appeared to barely crack a smile, which caught the attention of viewers who decided to comment on the monarch's facial expression online.

Here are some of the captioned images viewers of the Opening Ceremony have been sharing, showing that Queen Elizabeth is surely on her way to becoming an Internet meme.

?@Tunj1 tweeted this image of Queen Elizabeth, with the caption: "The Queen looking like..." | (Photo: Twitter/@Tunj1)
Frank Ocean's Fella ?(@yasminurmum) tweeted: "The Queen knows the deal LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOL." | (Photo: Twitter/@yasminurmum)

Queen Elizabeth was also caught on camera looking a bit less than interested in the Opening Ceremony, as the image below shows.

James Ingham(@JAMESINREHAB) tweeted: "Didn't think the salute pic could be beaten but Queen Elizabeth picking her nails while Team GB comes out is a close 2nd." | (Photo: Twitter/@JAMESINREHAB)

In addition to amusement, some viewres expressed confusion at Queen Elizabeth's presence at the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Rob DenBleyker ‏(@RobDenBleyker) tweeted: "I've also never seen anyone as angry about being the Queen of England as the Queen of England is."

Dan Hyde ‏(@DanHyde_) shared: "The Queen is so cute she just kind of stands there and says things written for her and everyone cheers loudly while she looks uninterested."

TabloidJunk (‏@TabloidJunk) wrote: "What's with Queen Elizabeth? She looked completely bored during the whole #OlympicCeremony ... at one point appeared to be filing her nails."

Here is a video of the moment James Bond escorts the Queen to the Olympic Stadium via helicopter and parachute:

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