Ron Jaworski: Monday Night Football Faces Change on ESPN

Ron Jaworski has been removed from his position as the announcer for Monday Night Football on ESPN although he doesn't appear to be holding any hard feelings.

The name "Monday Night Football" is in itself, a bit deceiving since NBC has switched the program to run on Sunday nights. However the program will continue to run as a two man show with callers Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden.

Jaworski has said that he was not given a reason as to why he was taken off the program, however he also added that he has new reason to be excited.

When asked if EPSN had given a reason for the cut, Jaworski said, "They didn't. They pretty much said they're going with a two-man booth but wanted to talk to me about opportunities," Jaworski said.

Despite the bad news, Jaworski said that his conversation with executive vice president Norby Williamson has still left him with a reason to be optimistic. "The cool thing was they didn't pigeonhole me. They asked me what I wanted to do," Jaworski said.

USA Today reported that Jaworski now has a new contract with ESPN. "Jaworski, with a new five-year contract, will join ESPN's Sunday and Monday pregame shows, keep his NFL Matchup show and get new opportunities, such as sitting down to talk game tape with NFL quarterbacks the way Gruden does with college passers," the site stated.

ESPN President John Skipper came forward later to add further explanation to his decision. "I thank Ron for the great contributions he has made to Monday Night Football and look forward to the many ways he will enhance our studio presentation from our NFL-branded shows to SportsCenter," he said. "With two strong analysts in Ron and Jon, these moves will better utilize their strengths and benefit our entire NFL presentation."

Although Jaworski has expressed excitement about the new opportunities, he also remarked that he would miss his old co hosts. "You couldn't find a more committed crew," he said.