Rules Are Rules!

 Two good old boys were driving a semi-truck through the back roads when they came to an overpass with a sign that read, "Clearance 11'3."

Both of them got out and measured their rig. The rig was 12'4". "What do you think?" one of them asked as he climbed back into the cab.

The driver then looked to his left, then to his right, and checked the rear view mirror. "Not a cop in sight," he said, "let's take a chance." [1]

Rules, rules, rules - by human nature we're often bent toward breaking them at our own expense. We don't like them, but we can't live without them. Could you imagine a life with no parameters – no stop signs – no traffic lights – no speed limits? How about a football game where anything goes – no boundary lines – the wide receiver is in the stands ready to catch a pass – the defense is beating up the quarterback so he can't throw the ball. We couldn't have a universe if there weren't certain rules – a fixed set of standards that are absolute and inviolable.