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Saddleback Pastor Launches 'Secret Questions Men Ask' on YouTube

Saddleback Pastor Launches 'Secret Questions Men Ask' on YouTube

A men's ministry launched a YouTube channel Thursday with an initial 100 videos addressing secret questions that men ask.

Every Man Ministries – led and founded by Kenny Luck, the men's pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. – plans to add at least five videos a week for the next two years addressing additional questions that men have but usually do not ask. The ministry aims to focus, identify, and answer core issues men face, often in secret and isolation, and help resolve them to help men be more mature and spiritually healthy.

"Men are icebergs. We only see the tip. The major part of their lives is under the water line," states Kenny Luck, who has dedicated the past decade to revolutionizing men's ministry in the church. "With these questions now answered, we equip men to resolve the core issues that hold them back whether they choose not to talk or don't know how to talk about them publicly."

Some of questions addressed in the videos include: "How do I fight temptation?" "Is porn bad?" "What is at the core of a woman's heart?" "Why did God make us to love sex?" and "What if my wife doesn't trust me?"

In the video "How do I stop sexual sin?" Luck tells men they must begin by setting up predetermined boundaries in order to achieve sexual integrity. These boundaries affect all domains of life, such as where they will and won't go physically, mentally, and visually. The Saddleback pastor said men cannot expect to just be strong enough to withstand temptation without setting up boundaries ahead of time.

The sexual boundaries help men admit their struggle is real, starve the wrong desires, and remove pressure by removing men from tempting situations, he said.

"I know guys who when they go on business trips, they will install the code to access the pay-per-view box with their wedding day," said Luck in the video. "I know other guys who tape pictures of their family on their TV when they are on the road."

"You have to recognize your pattern of temptation and be prepared for it," he said.

The key idea to stopping sexual sin is wise planning reduces failure, said Luck. He also tells men to not let the enemy pick the battlefield, meaning they should not go to places where temptation is high.

"The mistake that a lot of guys make is that we let the enemy pick the battlefield. We just walk right into the battlefield," the men's ministry leader said. "It doesn't mean you have to be the Amish. It just means you have to have rules."

"You can't play the game if you aren't showing up," he added.

The first 100 videos were chosen to respond to the most frequently asked questions by men based on feedback at the ministry's seminars and workshops around the world. The videos range in length from 30 seconds to 8 minutes.

Through the "Secret Questions Men Ask" YouTube channel, the ministry aims to continue to push the boundaries on what are acceptable questions and topics to ask and answer them in a simple but authoritative way based on the word of God.

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