Salmonella Investigation: Organic Eggs Recalled After 6 Illnesses Reported

A Minnesota farm has recalled organic eggs after at least six people grew ill from salmonella.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Department of Health are investigating the salmonella infections that occurred from Aug. 12 to Sept. 24. The eggs being recalled were distributed in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

In a statement from the Food and Drug Administration’s website, at least six people were infected. Three were hospitalized but have since recovered.

Five of the six cases reportedly ate eggs purchased from grocery stores or co-ops that originated from Larry Schultz Organic Farms, Kowalski’s Organics and Lunds & Byerly’s Organics.

Minnesota Department of Health and farm officials are working together in this voluntary recall to investigate how the contamination transpired.

"I started in this business in the first place because I think of my customers," Larry Schultz, the owner of the farm, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "I want to give them peace of mind."

State officials suggested consumers who believe they may have purchased some of the recalled eggs should return them to stores for refunds.

In recent months, there have been several food-borne illnesses including listeria-tainted cantaloupes that sickened more than 120 people and killed at least 25.

Symptoms of salmonella appear between eight and 72 hours after exposure and include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. Salmonellosis is an infection caused by Salmonella. According to the CDC, it can last 4 to 7 days and most people recover without treatment.

The CDC recommended cooking eggs thoroughly to kill salmonella bacteria. While the bacterium is most commonly found in poultry and eggs, it can also originate in a variety of foods including ground meat, fruits, vegetables and even processed foods such as frozen potpies.

Larry Schultz Organic Farm is located in Owatonna, a small city in Steele County about 65 miles south of the Twin Cities.