Salvationists to Mark September with Prayers for Peace, Trafficking Victims

As in previous years, members of the Salvation Army are being called to devote the month of September to pray for peace and for the victims of sex trade trafficking.

"Conflicts between nations and conflicts within nations still claim lives on a daily basis, destroying stability, disrupting education and creating poverty," SA General Shaw Clifton stated in this year's call to prayer.

Meanwhile, many of the victims of sex trade trafficking "are very young and some are just children," the evangelical leader added, "an awful fact which we cannot ignore."

"We need to raise our voices, raise awareness and raise funds to combat the evil of trafficking. We also need to raise our hands and our hearts to Heaven on behalf of those who work in this difficult field," Clifton urged.

Last year, a mathematical study by a team at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle estimated that the death toll from wars around the globe in the second half of the twentieth century should increase by a factor of three.

 The U.S. Department of State, meanwhile, estimates that around four to 27 million people across the world today are victims of modern-day slavery, including the roughly one million children exploited by the global commercial sex trade each year and the 800,000 people trafficked across international borders each year.

Though the Salvation Army has increased its capacity to respond to sex trade trafficking around the world – adding more awareness programs, training programs and rescue and rehabilitation programs each year – the Christian organization's leader emphasized the need for believers to rally together in prayer.

Specifically, Clifton urged Salvationists to pray for peace on the United Nations International Day of Peace on Sept. 21 and for victims of sex trade trafficking on Sept. 27.

Aside from being one of the world's largest providers of social aid, the Salvation Army is also a denomination that claims membership of more than a million worldwide, excluding the more than 4.5 million volunteers who work with the organization to serve tens of millions across at least 118 countries around the world.

In the United States alone, the Salvation Army is the second largest charity, helping more than 32 million people each year.